Teacher ka ba? Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself.

Aside from the stereotypical image of  teachers all clad up with paper, pen and school uniform, here are few things I have observed on being a teacher. Try asking any teacher, a friend who is a teacher, or  yourself.

1. Nanghihiram ka ba ng ballpen o lapis sa estudyante at nakakalimutan mo ng isauli pagkatapos?

Sometimes, because of the hurly burly in the faculty room, we forget to bring our own pens. And that includes us bringing them (pens) to the faculty room and wonder “How did this unknown pen get here?” Sorry in advance 🙂

giphy Raccoon-Steals-Cat-Food

2. Nagigising ka ba ng maaga kahit sabado o linggo? (or holidays)

For almost 200 days we have been used to getting up early (yet still proves a painful task). Despite the beautiful weekend where you can snooze all day long, your body clock wakes you up and tells you to get going. Ironically, the same phenomena does not apply on  school days.


3. Napapatingin ka ba sa mga taong maiingay kahit nasa labas na ng school? 

Does your ultra-sensitive hearing abilities tell you to ask whoever makes such noise to stop. Unfortunately, you aren’t in a classroom anymore and that is the time you just take it all in and keep the warning in your head.

icy-stare-o loud-noises

4. Paranoid ka ba na may makakita sayo na estudyante kahit saan ka magpunta?

Yes, even your little time to shop, eat, or dine with friends, there still is this crowd scanner device you have in case you need it.

bxvV6SI db10478e

5. Nag-iisip ka ba ng isusuot mo pag Friday or wash day?

Wearing school uniforms can be boring, so Fridays are usually “Express Yourself Day”. Just be mindful of the dress code. *wink


6. Nagtataka ka ba sa mga friends mo na hindi teacher, kapag may pasok parin sila tuwing holidays or may bagyo?

Perks of being a teacher-yes! yet if you got yourself surrounded with friends who aren’t in the academe, you will find yourself all by yourself celebrating.

giphy (1)

7. Natatakot ka ba na maling pangalan ang masabi mo pag may nagtanong ng: “Miss/Sir/Mam, Do you still remember my name?

Greatest teacher dilemma.


If you get a passing score, then you probably are one of us. What’s the passing score? ask a teacher 🙂 cheers!


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