How to get THE PERFECT ESSAY: A quick guide for high school students who hate essays

With K-12 and KPUP  comes the relaunching of the dreary essay. Although hated by many, essay writing is  a great way to check thought process, organization, and understanding, so the question most students have would be:

“How do I get a perfect score?”

“Does grammar really matter?”

“How do I get started?”

937  giphy-52

Here are some essay pointers your teachers would probably not tell you:

1. Hindi nakaka impress ang mahahabang essays (at least some)

True, that it is a feat to sustain writing long essays, but I have always been impressed how students can encapsulate a complicated idea into simpler truths. Besides, an average class consists of about 40 students and trimming down the reading marathon IS a big help. Thanks in advance!


2. Isipin mo nalang na love letter mo sa teacher mo ang essays.

You don’t want your beloved agonize in pain as we decipher letters we have not seen in our lifetime. Although we do not equate bad writing with bad content, take time to legibly write your essays because just as cliche goes-sometimes we do judge a book or an essay by its cover.

This is how I feel when I see challenging essay:

-disappointed-GIF handwriting

3. Mas “PERSONALIZED” mas maganda

We don’t want a language wall for your overuse of abhorring and superfluous words. We want to get to know you, your thoughts, your experiences and the things that you have learned. So when your teachers tell you “there are no right or wrong answers” they want you to just be yourself and write from your heart.

Emma_Stone_resized.gif-1 tumblr_inline_n1khgqwfCe1ra6kmb

4. Magbasa.(bow)

Take time reading essay questions, and if there are any rubric attached, please read them as well. An essay  question tells you the answer immediately; all you need is to carefully unlock the question. Here is a simple illustration of how you can slowly dissect an essay question.


image retrieved from :

5. Ang essay parang taong in-love. The flaws don’t matter; it’s what you got inside ❤ 🙂

Battling against grammar, spelling issues, and punctuation? Your teachers can be as forgiving when it comes to form/grammar lapses. Although these aspects are still given premium, it is what you bring in the table that counts most. Writing is a process and in that journey we sometimes commit mistakes- the good thing is WE LEARN.

words url-1

Happy Essay writing!


2 thoughts on “How to get THE PERFECT ESSAY: A quick guide for high school students who hate essays

  1. I didn’t think of it that way. But it is tru when what you do need to think is how you can present it to the examiner as if he or she were 6 years old and needs a guide to lead them. Imagine that they have no idea what the topic is about therefore the student covers the whole topic.

    After understanding what the question is asking for, start with an outline. Always. It is easy for someone to drift from the topic along the way. It is a good measure to see if you’re still on track.

    Also separate the topics into different paragraphs. The presentation looks friendlier and easier to understand. It is easier to include transition words or phrases in order to introduce the next point.

    Lastly, and this is optional by the way, try practicing how to write these essays with past papers that you can find online from the IB or A levels that have a mark scheme. You can correct your own essay to seehow much you’ve covered, if it was difficult to understand what you initially wrote, and other factors that could affect your grade that needs improving.

    Following the PEE (point-example-explain) rule is a good guide to follow when working on your paragraphs because it shows depth and the ability to argue your point.

    Sorry for the long comment. I spent my whole summer doing essays for my online courses and I thought I’d share my experiences as well if it helps.

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