10 things only teachers in Zobel would know ( or at least some)

As the Bagyong Mario hits Manila together with yet another whirlwind to the teachers of Zobel (GRADES!), here is something to lighten up your day. These are few things that only a teacher in Zobel will understand.

1. Kaya nating mag-usap using ACRONYMS.

“Acronospeak” is one language that any Zobel teacher should learn ASAP

” na SIS mo na yung LVI mo? “

“di pa, may PLC sa DDA ’bout Cmap and UAM e, later nalang siguro”

“di pwede may STAR sa CLF later then ITU meeting”



2. Alam mo kung 1st bus, 2nd bus, third bus o late ka na

It is utterly important to check postings around school to know changes in bus schedule.


3. Pag nagtanong ang student kung na “check-an” mo na yung assessment/project nila.

Student: Mam/Sir, what’s our grade on our project?

*insert horror movie sound effects here*

526beab308e66535_43 c4fbbb590199ec49_4

4. Nagtataka ka kasi KPUP lagi pero sa SIS KPPU?

I wonder why?


5. Nakiki “Dalandan” ka kahit hindi mo alam kung sino ang may birthday.

The whole faculty sings while you wonder why. You gotta have to sing it all out anyway 🙂


6. May food ka sa drawer mo kasi tinatamad ka pumunta canteen.

Craving or simply hungry? Just ask your colleagues around and they sure have what you desire for. From coffee, biscuits, nutella, bread, jams to soda and mais.


7. Pag may dumating na “Good news” (if you know what I mean)

Sometimes surprises, blessings, and a whole lot more come when you least expect them.

confetti-1 noooo

8. Pag nag break ka at kasabay mo ang mga students.

It’s not that we don’t like it, but we feel awkward too when there is too many.



9. 5 minutes nalang class mo na pero mag lu-lunch ka pa

Eating in a flash is something teachers can do best. 10 minutes is already luxury.

animation-10 showtime


or worse 5 minutes nalang class mo na and you still want a bathroom visit


10. Pag nakatapos ka na ng grades mo.

The entire process of grade-making takes up a lot toil among teachers, so when once done, there ain’t no more joyful feeling.

736453 3558855-7506542044-GEORD


It is not easy being a teacher, but it can also be fun! Enjoy the rainy season 🙂


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