Mount Daguldol: Between the shoreline and the sky

Barangay Hugom in San Juan Batangas is graced with the the love child of sea and sky – Mount Daguldol. Taken from the tagalog term which means “roaring sound” Mount daguldol happens to be one of the friendliest hikes for budding hikers like my friends. Here are some Ipad shots I took during our 2 day trek/camp there:

15073_10202743797230040_1498907587_n 532320_10202743800070111_1107382153_n 976781_10202743694267466_1079338694_o 1468505_10202743712467921_1883312990_n 1507791_10202743807230290_1209807287_n 1607078_10202743785029735_323103035_n 1623499_10202743729068336_1707102011_n 1920096_10202743727388294_335102199_n 1962615_10202743777349543_926703545_n 10011484_10202743794989984_892878010_n 10152424_10202743730268366_711108754_n 10154498_10202743816670526_1327768471_n 10169435_10202743758709077_1928169482_n 10171251_10202743802070161_1713930062_n

I love photography chances and whether it’s an tablet or a good camera, I would always be willing to share my experiences through the pictures I post online. Enjoy summer!




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