Onslaught Selfie Dragons

Selfies may have been tagged as too much inclination to vanity or merely waste of time, yet come those time where they may serve a different purpose.

Self taken portraits have been extremely popular on almost anyone who is using a smart phone, tablet, phablet and to the adventurous DSLRs- that does not exempt my paddler friends. You see, an entire race day can last from 7am til 4 pm, and during those stale moments of anxiously waiting for our next heat (race) nothing beats the saying ” the team that selfies together stays together”.

Grab a smartphone, choose your favorite filter, click on front camera and in a matter of seconds just like bees swarming you will find a whole bunch of paddlers ready for there best selfie taken. Moreover, these selfie shots have also become a social connection, a binding factor that together we will all smile no matter what happens. ( cheesy)

So when the time comes and you wanted to try dragonboat racing for a sport, you gotta have your paddlers’ checklist ready and that probably includes a selfie capable phone, paddles up!

20140318-215251.jpg Cobra Regatta Leg 1 for 2014

20140318-215245.jpg MBC seasports 2014

20140318-215239.jpg Cobra Regatta Leg 4 of 2013

20140318-215232.jpg Our winning cobra selfie ” The Goddess of Dragonboat: Cobra”

20140318-215226.jpg playing around with selfies before heading to work

20140318-215220.jpg Hardin ng Postema Christmas Party

20140318-215205.jpg Our attendance pics for south paddlers


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