A memorable outreach experience

For almost six years of teaching in De La Salle Zobel, I never felt that life being a teacher can be as cyclical as other jobs can be. In fact, I have made so much discoveries I never thought I’ll learn.

After our alternative learning experience ( ALE ) at Campo Trexxo and Balite falls in Cavite, the faculty members had a chance to visit a community for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda ( Haiyan ) in Rosario, Cavite. As most of the outreach activities I have been to, there is the the usual storytelling session, games and fun activities for kids, livelihood programs for adults, and a chance to have a chat with the survivors. However, this time around was different.

I was off to wander the beach when I saw some of my colleagues busy helping out a couple from among the families who live in the resettlement area. They called me up and asked if I could take a few pictures for them and make it their pre nuptial photos for their upcoming wedding on February 14 ( timely lol ) As a photo enthusiast myself ( not a pro though), I suddenly felt excited on this one.

I think service comes in so many forms and in so many language. One just needs to figure out a service that blossoms from the heart because true service is effortless, tiring yet fulfilling and that exactly is what I felt after taking a few shots.

If given the chance again, I would be very willing to take prenup shots for anyone 🙂



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