To Beauty: A Poem

I have written this short poem when we went to the islands of Siargao in Surigao. I was having trouble taking pictures and capturing the real beauty of Bucas Grande when I suddenly realized that it would be impossible for someone to show the true beauty of nature unless you experience it yourself. It would even be more amazing to note that this beauty has remained the same for ages.

To Beauty

Real beauty sits still and holds its graceful pose without effort or qualm.

It knows no spectacle nor grand display -just endless patience
as beauty has been born of and raise of beauty -and nothing else.

Soon, when man finds real beauty he will tremble.
He will take his own breath and envelope the infinity beauty holds- and he will fail.

He will bow down like kinsmen to a queen, lowly servants to a master,
yet real beauty shall not throw her pompous royal gaze.
She will bear the stillness of centuries of grace
as beauty deserves nothing but beauty-
calm, still,unmoved.

DSC_4353 DSC_4402


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