Dragonboat Paddlers Care

“Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”
-Leo Buscaglia 

For almost three hardworking years of competitive training, The Onslaught Racing Dragons never forgot to take time not only to empower its members, but also to give back and help out the community through outreach programs and environmental awareness campaigns. The team believes that the best gift one can offer is not the amount of money nor the kind of donation handed over, but rather TIME. The moment one dedicates time to a certain event/thing reflects how something could be of great importance, and so to live by what the team believes in- we allot precious time to help people to the best of our abilities.


Being an athlete also requires some social obligations as we put it.

This time around, through the efforts of Mr Jan Lee Bulo ( ORD member), the Onslaught Dragon members celebrated with eleven year old birthday girl, Kerri Ann Reilly last October 17 at the Philippine General Hospital Cancer Institute helping out 45 children by giving them a day of fun and games. It was priceless to see the smile on the faces of these little angels as the team and Keri’s family initiated enjoyable activities throughout the day.

1374096_10200567478262222_1060525644_n 1391802_10200567517303198_474045910_n

Atty Cristy Luig, Admistrator of the PGH Cancer Center gratefully thanked everyone who graced the center by dedicating time for the needy.


The event was sponsored by the  Jollibee, Fernando’s Cakes, Le Bien Wellness Specialist, Precious Herbal Pillows, Mykphotography, Cancer Institute – Phil Gen Hospital, Mykphotography and Onslaught Racing Dragons


Are you ready to do your share? Join Onslaught Racing Dragons and find out what it is to give back.

Photo courtesy of Mel Mendoza and Christian Miranda 🙂


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