Meet the People You Do NOT Want to Meet on Facebook

Ok, Facebook is a personal website where one can freely put personal touches to the very extent of the freedom of expression’s lines can define, but we also remember that firstly Facebook is a social site where people see what you post, like, comment, and share.

facebook defriend

So how do we stay in our freedom bounds and avoid annoyance? Simple. Think of how you want people to generally speak to you, relate to you. It’s like meeting up new people-only virtually. Here are some few nuh-uhs of FB posts:


#1 The Ranters

No survey needed but surely anyone will be very annoyed of hearing anyone who bursts out of frustration, hate, boxed up emotions, dismay, or grudge and come up with spitefully lengthy posts that only contain nothing but distaste. You have your friends (who are most likely more interested to listen to you) who you can turn to and say what you feel. I believe  that an infuriated man needs no attention than himself- unless he means the other way (wink) 😉

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”-Ambrose Bierce 

Selfie1 hypocrite-1

#2 The Society’s Celebrity

Commenting to political trends and issues nor reposting “Anti/Pro ______ (insert social activity here) posters does not make one instantly a good citizen. It might be true that awareness has to be escalated to everyone, yet as the century old cliche  always goes: “Actions speak louder than WORDS (or posts)” never goes out of style and respect. And oh! no selfie shots on a bloodletting campaign or a donation drive if possible- they look cute but not sincere.

1342467484450_9397850 1347385515859_8580191

#3 The TMIs (Too Much Information)

Oversharing oneself can be too- too annoying. From recent diet regime, head to toe OOTDs, fancy resto hoppings, your cute puppy’s heart shape poops, personalized starbucks coffee ( which seems to appear like wildfire in a variety of picture filters), your emotions in 5 minute intervals, or an entire album of selfies (gah!), one can feel overly unbounded on making all this posts publicly- but how do you think others react to TMIs? Let us put it this way, no one likes to meet people who only busied themselves talking ABOUT them.

It’s a STATUS- a defined state or condition, not a blurt out momentary whim. 

3rv0y6 i-told-you-stop-sending-rome-those-facebook-game-request

#4 The ” I-Sent-You-A-Game-Request-So-I-Can-Level-Up!” Dude

How about buying PlayStation or a Nintedo for some real gaming experience?  Interacting with people of common interests can be really exciting. The thrill of raising corns, crops, barley and patched cattle for a farm, or the ecstatic feel of cleaning up a bubbly rescued kitten is not appealing to all. Choose the right people who will in return enjoy what you do or better yet- get up and keep yourself involve in real world games we call sports 🙂

images (1) images

#5 The Condescending Modern World Bards

Relentless quoting from Alexander Pope or creating mixed up imagery or jargon any person in the world will not make sense to is not a sign intellectual dominance over millions of Facebook users. Hey! the world needs your “better” ideas than just posting them over social sites- in case you have any aside from your constant searches and nonsensical tumblr quotes you owe yourself for

Man is a social animal, but we have to remember that creating relationships entail a bit of self checking. It is not bad to be uniquely who you are but I wouldn’t hurt to remember a few guidelines before socializing!

Happy Facebooking 🙂 

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