Why Dragon boating is in? The PDBF-Cobra Regatta Leg 3

In a country literally surrounded with water, where else could be the perfect haven for water sports? Dragon boat paddling or Dragon boat racing has been around some thousands of years ago back in China when the people used long boats to look for a great poet named Qu Yuan (who according to history committed a suicide). Presently, whether it’s for recreational, health, competitive or all of the above, many have been lured into trying this high intensity sport. Oh and that includes myself.


The Philippine Dragon Boat Federation and Cobra Energy Drink has been very active in the promotion of Dragon Boat as a sport for Filipinos. As a quarterly event, the federation holds a competitive race among club crews and teams under the PDBF, and through this, excellence among Filipino paddlers is promoted.


The Onslaught Racing Dragons finishes a runner up on the well coveted OPEN Division

September 8, 2013, Manila Bay

Hundreds of Dragon boat enthusiasts flocked towards the Manila Bay for another leg of intensified race. The humid air was surrounded with anxiety as everyone awaits who shall emerge as victor. From the OPEN DIVISION (Men’s Crew). MIXED, and WOMENS crew, teams under the baton of PDBF paddled their way to the top spot.My very own team has had it’s victorious and downfall moments, yet the spirit of hope and camaraderie kept their souls flaming despite the damp rainfall.

DSC_9368 DSC_9211Adamson University Dragon Boat Team enjoys with a bit of KPOP Gentlemen

For a first timer, It was all hype to me-the way everyone has prepared and sacrificed for the grueling training days, the David vs Goliath moments where some newbie teams face country’s dragon boat giants, and the fulfillment of being a part of something you are passionate about.

DSC_9173 DSC_9219Right: Tritron DragonBoat Racing Team members, Left: Onslaught Racong Dragons Women’s Crew

Although I was not lucky enough to be part of this leg’s racing team, It was still a bliss to be part of  a family of people who share the same love, and passion towards dragon boat racing.

DSC_9345 DSC_9148Firemen help paddlers refresh by literally throwing a street shower party 🙂

DSC_9367 DSC_9116Product shot 🙂 

Get ready for LEG 4!




9 thoughts on “Why Dragon boating is in? The PDBF-Cobra Regatta Leg 3

  1. Nice entry Edison! Hope you’ll keep on posting entries like this, so you’ll inspire your fellow paddlers and tap aspiring paddlers to try this sport aswell. God job! 🙂

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