Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo- Movie Review

“Pag in Love ka, Tanga ka”


I was a bit hesitant watching another Pinoy film to spare myself from a smother of predictable plots and over the top acting- I was wrong I found myself laughing at the humor of Pinoy romance and heartbreak.

Based on Ramon Bautista’s famous advice blog/vlog turned book, the film focuses on Sandeng/Sandy(Kim Chiu), a typical Pinay who dreams of one day finding his prince charming, learns of the male perspective of love and courtship. What is the film’s stand out factor? Light humor that transcends through all ages and all walks of life.

Hindi ka ba maka move on sa ex mo?

Bitter ka parin ba?

ano ka na ngayon? Love hater or Hopelessly hopeful parin?

There was nothing spectacular about the film nor some grand historical backdrop-just plainly Pinoy- in that case Pinoy Romance. A film that fits exactly the film palate of Filipino viewers.  Lines deliberately yet naturally delivered with a tinge of our daily humor. The simple or otherwise “barriotic” life of a Boso Boso family  (who believe in the power of LOVE as every member of the community does) becomes a reflection of every Pinoy family. The film will fill you with so much laughter and love and will sweep you away as the cast excellently portrayed us- yes, our very own kilig love story.

What is yours?

Watch now and find out Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush mo?

This song is a certified LSSer!


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