Flash Fiction in Ten Words #TweetFiction


Flash fiction or short short stories have been a popular genre for modern day writers. Through this, the essential is exposed peeling away the elaborate and ornamented phrases and clauses; being excessive is a sin, and plain simplicity is appreciated.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Da Vinci

My Sophomore class accepted the challenge of creating a flash fiction that adheres to the standards of a standard flash fiction as stated by Gurley (2000).

Here are my top picks for this #TweetFiction #10wordstories challenge:

Most of the them chose topics on the dark, mysterious and puzzling

  • Got a call on the phone, ” 7 days”.-Aviel Axalan
  • “Goodbye, love.” He kissed her forehead. The casket was closed. –Luigi Quesada
  • She took two steps forward and jumped. –Oby Pistis
  • He held her cold hands, then kissed her goodbye. –Russel Medina
  • One loud scream, a knife drops, red covers her hands –Wali Magno
  • She tried nine times, tenth, she stopped trying, stopped breathing. –Patricia Poblete

Others were humorists

  • He likes basketball, he tried out, water boy –Alfonso Cruz

Here are my two runners- up

  • Spirit, out, the journey begins –Nikhil Amarnani
  • He walked into the bathroom, it was too late. –Enzo Paraiso

This story struck me because of its unique subject and impressive imagery of how things can quickly dissipate once we let lose of them. Congrats Cassandra!


  • Holding a balloon, slipped of her hand, watched it fade. –Cassandra Carlos

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