Choose your Cast: “Dry September” by William Faulkner

“There was no movement, no sound, not even an insect. The dark world seemed to lie stricken beneath the cold moon and the lidless stars”

During my sophomore class’ discussion of W. Faulkner’s “Dry September”, I gave my students the challenge to pick Hollywood actors and actresses who will be befitting given a hypothetical Hollywood casting for the film “Dry September”. I was astounded on how creative students can be, and how they can elaborate their answers especially now that they are aided by Mobile Learning Devices (MLDs) in classes.

Here are some sample movie posters they came up with together with celebrities who they think should play the roles of Will Mayes, Hawk, Mclendon, and Miss Minnie Cooper.

image (1) image

photo (2) photo (3)

This movie poster is on top of my list:

photo (4)

The layout was very simple yet the blurb catches the very essence of the story- “The race you can see, the identity you can hide” Moreover, there was enough justice on the Hollywood actors and actress chosen who (I agree) can play the roles of the major characters from the film.

Dry September(2012) Robert De Niro as Hawk, Matt Damon as Mclendon, Will Smith as Will Hayes, and Nicole Kidman as Miss Minnie Cooper

Credits to Aira and Dominique of Sophomore I


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