Thoughts on Being an Official Dragonboat rower

After almost a month of hardcore training of paddling strokes and loads, I have come to realize that I have found love in dragon boating. So to make things official, I finally said “yes” to the invitation of joining the Onslaught Racing Dragons Dragon Boat Team. It did not feel any extraordinary as I have felt on the first day of training, yet there was already a sense of belonging, of familiarity, and of comfort.

In the deepest silence of my heart, I said ” I’m now an official Dragon Boat athlete”. The idea lifts me up and I know things will be more exciting (yet more painfully challenging as well) from this point.

I’m up to the challenge of training for if ever- my first Dragon Boat race. Sounds big an idea? Yeah, but I’m up for it.


Too bad I haven’t taken a photo of myself yet, but here is my friend/team mate, Angel, doing some of her after training couture.


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