Southerners have something to go crazy about: Crazy Katsu

Located at the foodie heaven street of Aguirre in BF Homes Paranaque is the Japanese inspired restaurant that serves probably the most affordable yet authentically tasty tonkatsu in south metro- Crazy Katsu 🙂


Crazy about Katsu?



The minimalist wooden fixtures will give you a zen feel

Deep fried pork cutlet, shredded cabbage and sosu or sweet style soy based sauce in steamed rice is just heavenly. Most tonkatsu I have had before were merely portions of lean meat and awful pork fat; on the other hand, the restaurant serves thick slices of carefully deep fried meet cooked to perfection.


Surprisingly, the store only offers a very limited range of food variety which will disappoint goers on time, yet if one comes to think of it- perfection requires consistent practice of the same things over; therefore, expect perfected Japanese dishes served right in front of you.



Gyoza: half steamed and half pan fried. Perfect appetizer

Crazy as it may sound, but maybe the reason why Filipinos cant get enough of Japanese food- most especially the Tonkatsu, is the palate connection that these food have in relation to Pinoy food. So, on times you feel that you crave for the sweet and salty crunch of Tonkatsu, a quick visit to Crazy Katsu is a great way to satisfy your cravings.

+63 9173451260 

231 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque City




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