What teachers SHOULD NOT do on the first day of classes

I’m coming from the perspective of a teacher.

I think the first day of classes can be year wrecker or a  good jump start to a fun school year for students. Normally, most students do not look forward to the first day of classes which they merely perceive as a splash of cold water on their beautiful summer vacation dream,; moreover, the torment sinks in as they find the first day of classes the same old day they wished they never been to.


CLASS NUMBER ONE (First victim) LAST CLASS NUMBER (sighs in heavenly relief)

Face it, not all students have the courage to speak in front of the class and bluntly bare out what they feel, what are their opinions, nor their quote or motto that guides their lives.

2.  Give a talk that lasts a lifetime

In this case most especially students who have been in the school for years, a reiteration of the same old thing can be a real bore. Although it is important that rules, regulations and protocols be reminded, teachers can simply ask students how much they know of these guidelines and maybe add on those that were missed.

Plus,  your students develop a habit of sleeping while their eyes wide open (it’s a skill)

PS AT THE MOMENT OF YOUR SPEECH: All they want is to run to the classroom nearby and talk to their friends who they haven’t seen in months . The more epic talks you give the more excitement they feel.

3. Write or Share ” What was your SUMMER EXPERIENCE?”

This is a personal experience when I was in grade 5. My classmate had an accident which caused his left arm broken. Our teacher asked us the same essay question, and while everyone was excited sharing their fun summer trips- he wasn’t. Instead, he  shyly approached our teacher and said he does not feel well. Lesson learned? A few other topics might be helpful enough. Anyway, the more options, the more variety of experiences shared.


Imagine a quiet and very anxious class who barely are strangers to each other which adds up more tension. The air is cold and uncomfortable as everyone breathes and stares at the front door as it slowly opens like an unknown character from a horror film enters the realm of the first day of classes. Stands up and rants like an infuriated whatever.

No, it does not contribute to the whole learning experience. (oh and neither a joke too)

5. Be LATE

Nothing much to say. All you get are judgmental looks.

Now, I may not be right of all these things I say here, but the challenge is simple- If we want students who are involved, active, and responsible, creating the first impression has to be well taught. Careful planning entails involving students and creating an atmosphere of respect and a classroom that is relaxed and ready for learning.

I was talking about cliches the whole time, but this one never fails

“First impression lasts”

Happy First Day of Classes! 🙂


4 thoughts on “What teachers SHOULD NOT do on the first day of classes

  1. Going over your list and I remember the first time I was made an adviser after eighteen years of teaching and administrative post, I can’t help but remember the agony of finding the right things to say for the entire day. After having gone through all the pleasntries and the usual mandatory routines like discussing the handbook which can be covered by about two minutes (c’mon, those guys were about to graduate high school already) end up with several more hours to spare, I couldn’t think of anything else to do or say not wanting to look like an amateur.

    Good luck to us this coming cademic year. See you next week.

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