Dancing Light Art Spa

Yoga + massage

Yes, there is a new way to relax and that means giving your body the stretching that it needs. I was on a good mood for a nice massage when I chanced upon this new spa along Madrigal avenue in Alabang.

The receptionist gladly assisted us and introduced us to its Taiwan based proprietor who came over to Manila to introduce this revolutionary way of relaxation- tai chi plus yoga plus massage.

Before the massage, they offered us a very unique blend of dried flowers and herbs made into a tea concoction. Truly, one of the best teas I’ve had so far.


Now the highlight comes, the massage of course. It was rather usual to me except for some stretching that comes but not like Thai massage which can be a bit forceful to some. The movement was very soothing and flowy much like what the owner says- it is like dancing inside your body. The rest of it I totally forgot coz I fell asleep.

They didn’t wake us up until a few more minutes or less than an hour I suppose. After which, another batch of flower tea was waiting for us. Total relaxation achieved.

I will definitely try their other services especially the double therapist where you will be given more stretching and hopefully more relaxation.

Meet the very accommodating owner of the spa 🙂

You may also check their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dancing-Light-Art-Spa/188590841271908?fref=ts


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