My First Dragon Boat Ride

I do not know what has gotten into me when I asked my friend about joining a dragon boat rowing team, but the idea has excited me very much. I have been exploring a lot of physical activities from gymnastics to running or just hitting the gym for weights though I have not considered joining any sport- in that sense a legit one.

“Call time is at 4am”

I could not believe when I got a message that I can finally join and train with dragon boat racers, but the biggest challenge is waking up at 3am leave Alabang and head towards Manila bay (which by the way during those time can be really sketchy). I did, and with only three hours of sleep I paved my way on becoming an official dragon boat racers (too early to say )

Learning the basics

Of course, every physical activity has to start with a couple of stretching exercises which I find pretty easy ( I personally think gymnastics stretching can be most grueling) and some cardio for jump start- and we head straight to the bay for some paddling. I was expecting for some land training but the who needs them when you can go straight to the real thing.

I was bombarded with so much dragon boating jargon, forms, style, techniques, and other tips that a newbie has to remind himself when paddling but I didn’t mind being a student again. It was a whole new world which makes me more excited to join their training more. ( given I wake up at 3am every practice day) After a few splashes of salt water on my face and bruising my hand in the boat’s gunnel, the day ended fast and the rewarding view of the Manila bay sunrise congratulated me for a day well spent.

Will I come back? A definite and excited yes. So far, I have been very much welcomed and taught well and I don’t want to start on things I’ll never finish.

I’ll keep you all posted on my future trainings 🙂

PS too bad I did not bring my cam for some pics, but here is the team I joined today.




2 thoughts on “My First Dragon Boat Ride

  1. Great to hear this from you sir! Looking forward for more training and soon will race with you soon 🙂 Keep it up Sir Edz!

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