Flowers of May

The month of May signifies the blossoming of flowers and so as the streets in every town in the Philippines. The Flores the Mayo or the Flowers of May  is an annual procession/pageant  that recalls the finding of the holy cross of Queen Helena or Reyna Elena and Constantine.



I was of course the photographer of the event (that is my cousin there)

Now here is a fact, I have never been a  part of this event neither my cousins when I was younger, so when my youngest sister was asked to join the parade- We had no idea what to do.

DSC_2751 DSC_2741 DSC_2746

Typically, a teenager or any lady can be dressed in a gown or an evening wear. Here are my two cousins and my sister (right picture) on their sagala or parade gowns

We went to Narra street where the Flores de Narra will be held and we were surprised how so much preparations people actually do on such event.


DSC_2794 DSC_2793

Many came by with flower adorned Carozas or floats that bear the paraded couple.



Well, if you are rich enough, you may opt to bring a horse carriage like this one. (without considering the congested streets of manila)



Or dress up in a grand trail that will literally sweep the entire street clean



Yes, even little kids can join the parade 🙂

DSC_2867 DSC_2868 DSC_2869

and even more, the parade does not hinder any gender to join and be queens of the night.

Truly a festive and entertaining spectacle to watch, the Santacruzan has been a part of the festive and lavish Filipino traditions the country commemorates annually. With all the glitz and glitter that covers this colorful tradition, I hope that we still remember that the Flores de Mayo is merely a reenactment, a symbolism of a historical moment that changed our lives us now. That we, as Filipinos, have a full grasp and knowledge of the reasons  why we do what we do today.



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