Thailand Street Fashion Photography

While having five days of fun vacation in Siam, I thought of the idea of coming up with a street fashion blog that showcases various street clothes you may opt to wear once in Thailand.

Introducing my friends (who I forced to pose on every outfit they wear):

DSC_0214DSC_0245 DSC_0249DSC_0275DSC_0561DSC_0734DSC_0816DSC_1006DSC_1087DSC_1133DSC_1140DSC_1204DSC_1392DSC_1527DSC_1564DSC_2002DSC_2005DSC_2015DSC_2020DSC_2030DSC_2042DSC_2220DSC_2260DSC_2311DSC_2314DSC_2317DSC_2322DSC_2369DSC_2370 DSC_2487DSC_2494DSC_2499DSC_2551DSC_2555DSC_2624DSC_2719 


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