National Cheerleading Championship Cheer Camp 2013

For almost three years, our school squad has been inviting coaches from the NCC for a whole day of review on the foundations of cheerleading and if ability permits, maybe a few elite skills can be taught as well.

DSC_9634-001 DSC_9620-001

Basic hand movements and the ever important BODY AWARENESS (BA)

DSC_9831-001    DSC_9664-001 

Fun games and activities to perk up the day

This year has to be a whole different thing for me. Almost half of my squad were senior students and had the inevitable, and sad duty to leave the squad for college. My dogma: I had to go back to basic to strengthen the new squad. Review all the concepts and make sure that everyone understands how things work. It was a bit of a toil to handle ,but my vision was clear- and so I had to call on the experts.

DSC_9673-001 DSC_9719-001

Basic mounting and dismounting skills

DSC_9880-001 DSC_9892-001

Team Pilipinas made elite skills look easy (look at the wow faces we get every time they demonstrate)


DLSZ Pep Heads 2013 (sorry Snowie and Joachim 🙂 )

The entire afternoon was very tiring, but in a fun and inspiring way.  I was moved to see how everyone has so much passion for cheerleading they are willing to go out of their boxes. I was even  touched when my President reminded the squad that when you love something you will take care of it “just remind yourself of the love”

Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.-Khalil Gibran 

DSC_9898 DSC_9907-001

Thank you NCC, Team Pilipinas and DLSZ pep squad!



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