Bo’s Coffee Experience

Summer can be very fun and spontaneous for some, but what will you do on those long hot days spent at home? It’s easy. Chill while drinking your favorite blended drink 🙂

I personally think it is a passe to go ask your friends out to stay in (insert coffee shop name here) or in a pastry shop for an afternoon coffee. A stroll around the mall would be great but tiring, or a quick run is another great idea too.

Something different?


The fun thing about not going too mainstream is that you will find very few competitors and  will get the true relaxation you want. I found this interesting coffee shop with a delightful offering of caffeinated, fruity drinks, and pastry- Bo’s Coffee in Molito Complex Alabang.

DSC_9495-001 DSC_9501-001


Pasta for the hungry tummy

Aside from the almost perfect ambiance, the store also has high speed WiFi access ( heavenly feeling for bloggers like myself). To top everything all- the shop supports local coffee beans from all over the country.




Al Fresco coffee experience


What a greater way to support fellow Pinoy entrepreneurs! Proudly Pinoy!

P.S. Try their Jasmine Lychee and Caramelo (personal faves)

visit their site for more info:


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