A Revamp on the Traditional Filipino Food: Pugon Roasters

The Ayala triangle is now a home to several restaurants that will cater to any mood, trip or even cuisine a foodie wishes to succumb. Unfortunately, I would not personally recommend the place esp if you are trying to save up a few bucks or venturing on a thrift mode while trying out different kinds of food.

Last April 3, one of the restaurants along the Ayala Triangle walkway, Chef Lau’s BFAST, has been rebranded into something closer to the Filipino heart and palate- the Pugon Roasters


The store offers a variety of Filipino dishes with an exciting twist in very affordable prices:

Pugon Chicken 99 Php

Pork Liempo Roast 149 Php

Baked Bangus Belly 129 Php

Angus Beef with gravy 169 Php

DSC_8417 DSC_8418

They also serve Pancit Lucban, chicken liver, and baked mac caldereta šŸ™‚ yum!



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