Experience Modern Korea: Cafe de Seoul

I was lucky enough to meet my former student, Paige, and inquire where is the best place to stay (preferably with WiFi to kill time and boredom) near La Salle Taft, and without hesitation she showed me a this new place- Cafe de Seoul.


The place has a very minimalist design/ treatment yet has a playful combination of light and relaxing colors which sets a really pleasant mood.

  DSC_8444 DSC_8446

There are also a couple of quirky stuff that you may find interesting.

DSC_8459 DSC_8456

The cafe serves your typical favorites (coffee, tea, and pastry) and some Korean specialties that will surely surprise you.



Left: White Mocha Chip. Right: Ddalgi Sonagi, the store has a wider selection of drinks where they offer mocktails or blended drinks with fruity twists. The ddalgi sonagi is a fun mixture of kiwi and fresh strawberry. although it’s a bit pricey, it is worth the try.


Also a best seller, the Korean Wild Berry rice cake. Tteok or rice cakes have been a popular dessert among koreans which the store serves as well for 50 pesos each.


Perfect for breakfast lovers like myself is this crispy american waffle with white choco dip.

Cafe de Seoul food is just the tip of the iceberg as the chill factor goes a notch higher. One, it is not your typical crowded starbucks. Two, the place has a number of couches, and tables that can accommodate barkada reviews, your paper works, or simply a place to chill after a long brain busting day in school/work.

The third reason ( I guess) tops it all:



Some of the tables have fixed Samsung Galaxy 10 tabs perfect for research or just web browsing. You can check your online updates even without bringing your gadgets.

So if you are looking for a cool new place to hangout, or in the mood for some  flare of Kpop and relaxation- Cafe de Seoul is the place I will surely recommend.




4 thoughts on “Experience Modern Korea: Cafe de Seoul

  1. Really awesome my friend. You’re incredibly talented. I wish to visit this place with my honey someday. Keep up the great work eds!

  2. Reblogged this on kiejer's Blog and commented:
    I am not new to this but i will surely visit this place together with my honey once we arrive in Manila. Thanks to my dear friend Eds for sharing this awesome place!

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