Inuksuk: a quiet bringer of peace

Have you ever had those little sweet discoveries or rediscoveries?

Last week, I was at the Mall of Asia strolling around thinking of something significant to do when I saw this small garden/plaza like area near the Xin Wang Cafe almost fronting the San Miguel bay. Of the hundreds of my MOA visits, I have never seen this peculiar stone marker which bears the plated title of THE INUKSUK.


Curiosity got the better of me and started reading what the text says. The Inuksuk and the Inuksuit were used as compasses to the journeying Inuits to relay directions of valleys and plains. The statute is made out of piled stones that resembles a human figure true to the literal translation “to act in the capacity of human”. Nowadays, the Canadian government sees the Inuksuk as a symbol of  the Arctic, of leadership, and of cooperation.

Interesting right?

So when you happen to pass by this “unsung” monument. Remember how history has brought us this silent giver of peace.



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