Living the island life: Subic’s Grande Island

One of the most anticipated events of the year in La Salle Zobel is our yearly Planning, Evaluation Program or otherwise called PEP Outing (knowing our school can actually converse in so many other acronyms we use.) This year, the school chose to bring us to Subic where a former hiding cell of the American soldiers has been transformed into a one of a kind haven- The Grande Island Resort.


Reaching Grande Island is a whole different story because most locals have a stigma of Subic bay as plainly beach and nightlife, but the island gives everything a little twist. The island is only accessible by a  boat ride or in our case a catamaran. A quick 20-minute ride and you will reach the island.

DSC_6604-001 DSC_6616

One very commendable feature of the island/resort is the warm and jubilant reception the staff has shown us. Each one greets visitors and aids of any help they can extend to anyone literally at any time. (side story: we were so hungry at around 12 in the morning and they gladly served us food even their bar was already closed)

DSC_6706-001DSC_6745-001 DSC_6646-001 DSC_6753-001

Top left: sea meditation. Top right: gazebos near the pool area

Bottom left: seashells by the seashore .Bottom right: relaxing promenade to the guest rooms

The place also offers up a variety of activities that will cater to the active ones and those who would, as they always say, want to enjoy a catatonic beach life.


Banana boat, biking, hiking and a swimming for the “uber-actives”


This statue is my center of amusement as I try to figure out its genus or mythological origin 🙂

The rooms were also a plus factor. Most of the guest rooms were in the beach front which makes one literally feel nature closer. A quick barefoot walk by the seashore can heighten up your Grande island experience.

DSC_7075-001 DSC_7083

Yes, they use solar power on their rooms- Eco Friendly it is 🙂


Grande Island’s farewell picturesque- Grand nothing less.

After the island experience, you may want to visit the free port for some imported goods at very affordable prices. DSC_7409-001 DSC_7418-001

People in De La Salle Zobel have really amazed of their vibrance which maybe is one of the reasons why I always look forward to having PEP outings every year. It’s with the right companion and the right place that jumpstarts an exciting summer for me!


2 thoughts on “Living the island life: Subic’s Grande Island

  1. Well said, sir Edison Manalo… I salute to the organizers of this year end outing, KUDOS ! Animo La Salle…

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