DLSZ backtracks to the GREAT 80s!

As a way to commemorate the last year of beloved Brothers of the school, the DLSZ community has flavored up our PEP outing night by going back through time- the time of aquanet, and leg warmers, where neon can be mixed matched to basically everything and where everyone enjoys the music of legends we pay respect until today- the GREAT 80s!



It was a great experience to feel how my mom and dad could have dressed and enjoyed things on their younger years, and I must say it was fun- I got the chance to dance songs of Tony Basil, Rick Astley, Duran Duran and a whole lot more artists. The Faculty chorale performed songs of El De barge, The Bangles, Celine Dion, while trivia on film and fashion of the 80s where asked to entertain everyone.

DSC_7008-001 DSC_6974-001 DSC_7005-001 DSC_6999-001 DSC_7010-001 DSC_7000-001

I also joined a dress up like the 80s contest where I won Best Dressed (I was Rick Astley by the way). The program ended with an original song composed by our Brother President and was performed live in front of everyone. It has a good recall especially the lines “always or forever” where one asks how long you keep your love. It is hard to be certain to say always or forever but one can definitely bank on both of the choices. (just some thoughts )


It was indeed a great night for everyone to remember!


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