The Modern Faculty

During the 2012 Kalikhasan, a short film competition among DLSZ senior students, the senior level teachers thought of coming up with a short film that depicts the struggles of a newly graduated college student entering the busy world of the academe.

Personal thoughts:

As the director, and story writer, I thought of the idea of showing viewers how it is not different when one enters the field of teaching. The feeling of coping up to different personality, adjusting to work loads, and even attending to solving your own problems. The film simply reflects a very close similarity to how it is to be a new student and a new teacher.

Special Thanks to:

Actor: Mr. Patrick Corvera as Mr. Patrick Corvera

Mr. Mon Patigdas/Mr. Symbol Fabellon/Mr. Jay Flores/Mr. Cicero Cortel/Mr. Daniel Encinas/Mr. Henry Magahis/Mr. DJ Sese/Mr Xyburt Rodelas/Ms. Fil Alcaraz/Ms. Emie Baylon/Ms Fattie Guerrero/Ms. Joymee Siatela/Ms. Lita May Lubuguin



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