Everything CATS expect you to know by Elizabeth Martyn


“Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night.” -Rupert Brooke 


Looking the world in a binary perspective, I would have divided people into classifications of either a DOG or a CAT lover- or both. I say I could be both, but I have this inclination to the our furry, feline friends.

A cat’s behavior can be a mystery. One can not simply understand why they can completely ignore you one time, yet demand for your attention on the busiest moment of your life. Thus, when a friend handed me over a book on everything we need to know about cats- I immediately hopped into reading and found every page useful, and entertaining.

The book literally covers everything about cats (true to it’s spoiler title). From FAQs on cat  care, cats who went down on history lane, celebrity cats, cool cat facts, and even cat literature. I even got prouder to find out a few literary giants who have also been amazed by the ethereal grace of cats . From Anon, Charlotte Bronte, John Keats, Miguel Cervantes, Thomas Hardy, and of course Ernest Hemingway. are just a few to mention.

So when someone tells you cats are bad luck, or they don’t enjoy water at all- tell them they are wrong ( go read them this book). There are so may interesting things cats hold. The more informed you are, the better.




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