Up close and Personal: Liam

Cats of royalty. I always have a schema of Siam/Thailand as a country of distinction, nobility  of golden temples, and silk, and when I heard of a very popular cat breed which is usually a gift given to commissaries to the King of Thailand- I was excited to get one.


Having a siamese cat really entails royal treatment. It sits and walks in regal gesture as if it knows its noble background of kings and queens. Furthermore, salient to siamese cats are the variety of colors “points” all over its body and to crown this regal cat are its pair of old blue eyes.

Camera 360IMG10079-001

Liam is no different to them- I have no idea why Liam, but maybe his name sounds very matching to his older sister Lili. Before things got really well between Lili and Liam, they weren’t. They have had days of quarrels and threatening gestures which according to my youtube subscription of cat care is just normal.

Camera 360

True enough, Liam has adapted well to his new home and I was finally able to see why the world is at awe by these majestic creatures. Liam is such a sweet kitten who envies the sight of his owner using a laptop, tablet, or a book. He would call you out endlessly for food, to open up the door and extend his play space or for you to give him a cat scratch.


So, if you are thinking of getting a warm cat to hug when you get home-a siamese is all you need.


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