Flowers, trees, birds, and bees: Paradizoo Theme- Farm Tagaytay City

If you always find your usual summer escape to Tagaytay the same old places, restaurants  and parks boring and unexciting, why not change your itinerary to something more interesting and informative at the same time? Then, a quick hop to the real-life “farmville” can be splash of life to your trip.

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Paradizoo theme farm in Mendez, Cavite is affiliated to the more popular zoo of residence inn along Nasugbu-Tagaytay highway. It is a vast 10 hectare land of everything farm life is about. When there, you will have the opportunity to have animal interaction and feeding,(bunnies, deer, sheep, camels, albino carabao, goats, pigs, geese, and the star of the farm miniature horses) bee culture, horticulture, organic farming, goat milking, sheep shearing, fand the relaxing fish spa. You might be lucky enough to witness the fastest dogs on earth on an actual grey hound race.

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Another highlight of the visit brings me to one of the few animal cemeteries in the country where our beloved pets can have a decent burial and recognition.

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Aside from all this attraction, What struck me the most is how the place gently reminds everyone of the idea of “back-to-basics”. In a world of swirling technological pace, one needs to go to a sanctuary and realize how nature has always been the real technology we’ve always wished to imitate.

Camera 360 Camera 360

Simple, if it’s from nature-nothing compares to it.


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