Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame Smith

I have always had an inclination to Pastiche literature. Not the typical hodge podge narratives of loosely connected plot and unrealistic or illogical deus- ex -machinas, I prefer challenging reads with attempt to give readers a fresher twist to something they are already familiar with. So I stumbled upon a very cheap copy of S.G. Smith’s parodized version of an Austen classic. It usually costs around $10 but mine was almost 90 percent discounted on a second-hand book shop in Filinvest Mall.

Anyways, I am not the the type of  reader who would bank on reading Jane Austen for leisure neither for any of my criticism paper ‘coz I do not find social graces nor the societal importance of etiquette among girls/ladies would stir any interest on my behalf (sorry Jane Austen’s fans). However, Smith’s contemporary skills give the whole story a little flick and voila! -the girls of Netherfield, Darcy, Lady Catherine and ZOMBIES.

Very interesting mash-up of poise and the ill stricken.


What the author actually intends is to induce among modern day readers the habit of appreciating classical literature. Masterpieces like that of Austen’s, are commonly included in the concord of novels one needs to read; unfortunately, only a handful of hopefuls have “really” read them. Smith found the need of introducing these classics to virtually all readers ,and when he said all, he means each one of us.

On his own words he even uttered, ” SOMETHING YOU’D ACTUALLY WANT TO READ”


visit his website:


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