Up Close and Personal: Lili


She is such a celebrity. I mean most cats are often snob and uncaring. Well, she could be a queen most of the times, but her sweetness and antics surmises them all. When she was still a kitten, we found her rummaging through the streets of Ayala Alabang, and with her distinct kitten cry, I had one of the most important decisions of my life to date- adopting a kitten.

Baby Lili

It was rather hard, as I thought furry hugs, and glowing kitten eyes would be enough to say taking her in was a very wise decision, but I was wrong- litter box training, feeding, and keeping up with her constant night calls were just a few to say.

Funny how cat years can literally surprise an owner. I have not noticde how I see everything unfolds in front me (maybe unfold is too big a word). She is now a teenager cat where her tail chases have become acts of curiosity. Thanks to her daily routine of claw sharpening,  my window mosquito net, my back pack, and my bed sheet were all worn out of love.


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